What Makes a Guy Act Cold All of a Sudden? Here Is Why Some Men Just Lose Interest in You Suddenly

Retaining a man’s interest is one of the biggest tasks that women have to do. A little bit of carelessness and he loses interest. So, what is it that will tie him down to you firmly? Well, all we can do is wish it was simple. However, regaining lost interest is not so difficult and that should come as big relief. Do the following right and he will never lose his interest in you.

Puppy love
Men act similarly when they are in love and when they are infatuated by a woman. There is only a subtle difference between the two and you need to spot that expertly. A man that is infatuated will be in a hurry to date you while the one that has fallen in love will make his moves calculatingly. So, if you notice a guy go gaga over you, take a step back and go slow.

Predictable behavior
Once a man figures you out he knows exactly how you are going to react to certain circumstances and situations. The moment you become predictable he will begin to lose his interest in you. Retain a semblance of mystery and he will never lose interest.

Testing the water
Some men are just out there to test waters. Such men do give an impression that they are truly in love but the moment they find that the girl does not measure up to their expectation they make an hasty exit. There is nothing you can do about it other than moving on as swiftly as you can.

Burden of expectations
Men begin dating in right earnest and very soon they realize that they are under the scanner all the time. The girls expect them to be perfect lovers which they clearly are not. To escape this constant scrutiny they give up and move on. You have to give the guy some time before you begin to evaluate him.

Some men do not want to commit unless they are absolutely sure of their future. It could be anything from their careers to their financial status that is holding them back. In such a situation if the girl does not understand the guy’s limitations he is bound to lose his interest in her.

Clingy and demanding women
Some women stick to their men like appendages. Where ever the guy goes she is there with him or tails him there. Such nuisance is intolerable for young guys wanting to have fun. Don’t try and chain your guy too early in the relationship.

High maintenance divas
Some women spare little thought for the guy and expect him to do all the spending when dating. When guys realize that each date sets them back by a couple of hundred dollars they lose interest and retreat before they land in a debt trap. In this day of economic hardships going Dutch is the best way to retain his interest.

Source by Krista Hiles

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