What Makes a Good Tenant?

While looking for a tenant for their property, the landlords take time in screening good tenants. There may be a lot of potential tenants. But only few will be good tenants. A good tenant is one who understands the conditions on the rental agreement and acts accordingly. Here are some of the qualities that define a good tenant.


A good tenant must be an honest person. He must be a person who can really be trusted by the landlord. He must pay his rent on time.


A good tenant must have a good credit and income, so that, he is able to pay the rent in time every month.


He must take good care of the property. He must keep the rental unit clean and should dispose the garbage regularly. Even though it is a rental property, he should consider it as his own property and keep it clean. He must let the landlord know if there is anything to be taken care of. If there are any small damages, some landlords take care of it themselves.

Guests and Pets:

Many landlords will not like more guests coming often. And so, he must try to avoid more guests. He must avoid inviting friends for parties at home.

Landlords do not prefer pets to stay along with them. So it is better to avoid pets.

Complaints from Neighbors:

He should try to keep the noise levels to a minimum, so that, the neighbors do not get disturbed. He must not get any complaints from the neighbors.


He must respect his landlord and neighbors. If he has a plan of vacating the property, he should give prior notice about that to the landlord according to the terms of the rental agreement.

Source by Jennita Josiah

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