What Is The Expected Lifespan Of Cohesive Gel Implants?

Practically every American woman would unanimously agree to one improvement in implant design: a longer lasting implant. The expected lifespan of breast implants is only about ten years. After the ten year anniversary of a woman’s breast augmentation surgery, the potential for implant rupture and leakages increases exponentially. Thus, the FDA recommends that all implants must be replaced at or near their ten year anniversary. Thankfully, there appears to be an implant that may be able to last through the ten year mark: the cohesive gel breast implant.

The Gummy Bear breast implant was first made available for breast augmentation surgeries in the early 90’s. At that time in the United States, the silicone gel implant was the subject of extreme controversy which resulted in the FDA’s moratorium on the implant from 1992 to 2006. Quickly following the FDA’s suspension of the implant were thousands of lawsuits filed against silicone implant manufacturers from women claiming their adverse health conditions were directly caused by silicone gel implants. Of course, the lawsuits led to the bankruptcy of several of leading implant manufacturers.

Due to the controversy associated with the silicone gel implant, the FDA is currently conducting a very thorough clinical trial of the cohesive gel breast implant. Until that clinical trial is concluded, the cohesive gel implant can only be acquired by a woman willing to join the FDA’s trial. Although it is unlikely you will be accepted into the program, if you’re truly interested in having these implants for your augmentation surgery you should still apply. You can find out more about the FDA’s clinical trial by scheduling an initial consultation with a plastic surgeon that has agreed to participate in the trial.

Cohesive gel implants and saline implants become increasingly likely to rupture as they age. This is due to their silicone gel becoming weaker with age. The cohesive gel implant does not share the same rupture and leakage risk because it does not contain liquid filler – if its exterior shell ruptures, there is nothing to leak into the bloodstream. Many believe this fact alone makes the cohesive gel implant far superior in design than either the saline or traditional silicone gel implant.

The physical appearance of a cohesive gel implant is identical to the natural slope of a real breast. The implant will maintain that position regardless if the woman is standing, sitting, laying down, or even hanging upside down! Since the implant is a solid mass of gel, it is impervious to the effects of gravity. Early evidence suggests that the cohesive implant will maintain its shape and form for a longer period of time than either the saline implant or the traditional silicone gel implant.

Before you invest your time and energy into having any form of invasive surgery, you should do your own homework and research the pros and cons relating to the procedure. You can learn a lot by reading the experiences other people have had undergoing the exact same surgery you’re considering. While the internet is a perfect place to begin your research, it’s always advisable that you speak directly with at least two board certified plastic surgeon before you make your final decision on having the surgery. You should also consult your family doctor because he or she may know things about your body that might conflict with the surgery itself or the recovery process.

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