Selecting the Best Self Storage Facility

It is not easy to pick the best self-storage facility because you just would not be looking at one factor, instead you must strike a fine balance between many of these factors to find that one facility that satisfies everything you will require. Here are some important considerations for choosing a great self-storage facility:


There are certain things to take note regarding convenience: The location of your storage unit should be convenient for you. Even if it is not necessary to have one at close-proximity, at least it should be close enough that you would be able to access your things without any hassle. Also note that the size of the storage unit should be optimum to the quantity of your belongings. It should not be too large that there will be unused space or too small that your items are cramped up and cluttered.


This should only be secondary to the factor mentioned above, which is convenience. The terms of the lease contract and the price of the storage rent acceptable to both parties. The most common question asked when people are shopping for self storage is how much they will have to pay for a specific size of storage unit. Indeed, price is also important, but it is not just one factor you will consider when choosing a self storage facility. It is like buying things in general, the quality should never be compromised by the price. Remember that you’re giving the facility your trust and more importantly, your valuables. If they are not important to you, then you would not be storing them in the first place.


The storage facility should be clean and well-maintained. Remember that a musty smell in the air is not a good sign. Be on the look out for vermin like mice and roaches.


Evaluate the staff and the self-storage facility manager. A good manager will have great suggestions and offer some help if you are a new user of the self-storage service. Are they courteous and polite when you have questions? Do they always assure you of the security of the place?


You should feel a sense of assurance when you entrust your belongings to the self-storage facility. Check every security measure available within the self-storage compound. Depending on your specific needs, see to it that your unit has its own private security system such as alarms and security cameras. Ensure that your belongings will be safe from theft, fires, floods and other natural calamities that may arise.

Source by Drew Mers

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