Positives and Negatives of Business Networking Groups

Positives: Points In Favor Of Business Networking Groups:

1. You have the opportunity to develop some solid business allies and affiliations. This could work for you because you are now meeting regularly with a group of individuals who know who you are, what you do, and the type of clientele you seek.

2. You can improve your public speaking skills as you'll have the opportunity to present the finer points of your business to your peers, usually on a regular basis. One additional benefit for business networking groups is having exclusivity of your industry among your group members. This has the extra advantage of protecting you from rampant competition, which is the norm outside of the group, depending on your industry. You have a sense of security among your colleagues.

3. You'll develop strong-trustworthy relationships with like-minded business people, which could lead to a long period of mutual business exchange. And then there's the fact that you will save money in the long run on advertising, especially if the bulk of your new business comes from the group. After you take that into mind, then it's wise to acknowledge where your best ROI is coming from and remain consistent to keep it coming.

The points above show the positive aspects of business networking groups. There is also a negative side. Let's go over the various cons.

Negatives: Points Against Business Networking Groups;

1. Hi Fees. Some networking groups charge high fees in order to operate. Depending on your ROI, the fees could turn out to be a liability. Anytime you make an investment in your business, you obviously want to draw a profit and get the greatest value. If you do not, it's most certainly a bad thing. In fact, if you're just starting out, it could bankrupt you.

2. Receiving Empty Referrals. Some networking groups require that its members deliver a certain amount of referrals weekly. Because of this, some members will submit a referral to you that is not 100% valid. This means that the member has some sort of affiliation with the referral but he / she is really not in the market for your service.

3. Unmotivated Members. While many networking groups start upbeat and with explosive goals, time can wear on the members. When this happens, everyone is all too familiar with each other and the group activities slow down into complacency.

The final valid reason in avoiding business networking groups is chapter leaders out for profit. Everyone should think about this point very carefully, given that it can cause the group to ultimately fail. In this case, most members pay fees but never really increase their returns as a result of membership.

So there you have it. We've looked at and discussed the pros and cons of business networking groups. They're not necessarily right for all, however it definitely is acceptable for many. Therefore, you should carefully evaluate the above information and comparisons. You should be able to make an educated decision in accordance with the details provided here in this article.

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