Three Elements to Validate Credit Card Debt and Get Rid of It

This is so important that someone has to mention it now! If you have unmanageable debt and must get rid of it, make sure you know all your options. Consumers are put into the corner due to overwhelming credit card debt. Foreclosure and bankruptcy is at its all time high; there is not enough money… Read More »

The Importance of Preparing a Budget

If you are like many other people, you probably find it difficult to make a budget, then stick to it. Too many times people will take the time to sit down and create one, only to abandon it soon after because it is either easier to go back to the old ways of money management… Read More »

How To Get Out Of A Lease On Credit Card Equipment

A Leasing Nightmare Leasing can be a very frustrating experience. I once called on a merchant who had 3 different leases and he was not even sure what they were for. Upon examining his business checking account statement I was able to help him identify who the leases were to and what they were attached… Read More »

How to Quickly Calculate Sales Tax

In the store, you will often see people pull out a calculator as they try to determine what the sales tax will be on an item. However, if you do not have a calculator or wish that you could calculate sales tax manually, I am going to show you how to figure sales tax in… Read More »

How to Manage a Shopping Centre Successfully

Managing a shopping centre is a specialised process that needs a good property manager who understands the property type and what is required to optimised property performance for the tenants and the landlord. Retail property is special when it comes to function and performance. It takes ongoing constant work to nurture a retail property to… Read More »

What is a Certified Structured Settlement Consultant?

In the financial world, the name of the game for prestige is designations. The letters after an advisor’s or consultant’s name says a lot about their background, training, expertise, and professional focus. Popular designations such as the CFP (Certified Financial Planner) or the ChFC (Chartered Financial Professional) are often readily recognized by the general population.… Read More »