An Interesting Job That Pays Well – Become a Wedding Planner

For many people, their wedding day is the happiest day of their life. The joining of two people, for better or for worse, could not be more significant or more special. Such a joyous celebration will require meticulous planning in order to ensure the bride and groom live out their fairytale wedding. But organizing such a celebration is not easy and many couples are now turning to wedding planners to help them create their perfect day.

Clearly being a wedding planner carries a great amount of responsibility with a variety of jobs from booking venues and cars to checking guest lists to ensuring the kitchen follows strict religious beliefs. When you're being paid to organize an event, no item can get overlooked and your work will be scrutinized as the day unfolds. To say being a wedding planner is stressful at times is perhaps an understatement. However if you're fanatical about organization and show great attention to detail then being a wedding planner may just be the perfect job for you! Plus as the day draws to a close you can take pride and job satisfaction in the knowledge that your planning has helped to create such a memorable and important day for the bride and groom, a day which they will remember for the rest of their lives.

So how do you get started as a wedding planner? Well there are numerous courses available both online and through colleges that aim to equip you with the skills to be a successful wedding planner. However there is no formal requirement to take these courses. In fact most wedding planners start out with no qualifications and work as self employed agents or form their own small companies and gain experience over time. Your initial inquires may come from adverts placed in local newspapers or wedding directories. As your business develops, your reputation will grow to be the most important sales aid in securing new contracts as brides and grooms often recommend good planners to their friends.

In order to know whether this industry is right for you, you should make a frank assessment of your character. Would you enjoy organizing events? Do you have a great eye for detail? Are you a people person? Are you a good communicator? Are you good at budgeting money? Are you a person that plans out their week and keeps lists? Do you enjoy working to deadlines? Are you level headed and can smile even when things do not go to plan?

If you answered yes to all of the above then perhaps you have what it takes to be a successful wedding planner and with roughly 6,000 weddings taking place every day in America you're unlikely to be short of customers. Financially you will be well rewarded for your efforts too; wedding planners charge around 10% of the overall cost of the wedding with the average cost being $ 30,000 around. Experienced full-time wedding planners who complete 30 weddings a year could earn in excess of $ 90,000 a year!

Wedding planning is a great industry to be a part of, not only because it's a lucrative career, but also because it's a fun job where you get to meet people from all walks of life. So if you feel you have the right skills to make a couple's dreams come true, why not put them to good use and become a professional wedding planner.

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