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6 Types of Bankruptcy

In the United States there are six types of bankruptcy, as outlined by Title 11 (aka the Bankruptcy Code) of the United States Code. While only a couple of these six types are most commonly used, it can be interesting and helpful to be educated about all the different types, known as “chapters.” Here is… Read More »

What is Private Franchising? It is Nothing Someone Made It Up

The Federal Trade Commission has an obligation to the general public, their stated consumer education mission and to the over regulated franchising industry and the small business operators running Biz Ops to separate the two business models by way of legal definition. Any failure to completely separate them will trigger additional problems down the road… Read More »

Places in Sacramento to Rent an Apartment With a Broken Lease

Sacramento is the capital of California, and the city boasts a rich history and culture, being home to a diverse population. In a way, the city is one of the most racially diverse and because of its political bearing, continues to attract businesses and people throughout the year. This has made it the operating headquarters… Read More »

What Constitutes a "Good" Budget?

What makes up a good budget? What expenses should you include in the budget? What can you do about variable expenses in your budget? How can you personalize a budget? Where are you going? The key to a good budget or spending plan is knowing where you have been and where you want to go.… Read More »

Credit Card With No Annual Fee But Higher Rates

Everyone looking for a credit card wants one with no annual fee, but no one wants a card with high interest rates. Since higher rates go along with credit cards that charge no yearly fees, you should think twice before getting one for yourself. Always remember that credit firms don’t do this for charity. They… Read More »

Knowing How To Get Approved For Your Tractor Loan

There are some people that have an acreage having a few acres of land or a large yard and have nothing to do with it. It is best that you farm on it so that the land becomes productive. You can after all take advantage of farm equipment loans so that you can get started… Read More »