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Is There Any Form of Formal Education for Forex Traders?

As far as I know, there is no formal degree which is Forex specific. However there is a certification program, which measures your proficiency in many aspects of finance which correlates to a lot of things involved in Forex trading. I am referring to the Chartered Financial Analyst, or CFA for short. The curriculum of… Read More »

Silk Draperies – Elegant Silk, Queen of Textiles

Interesting Facts It’s a miracle at all that a tiny little caterpillar and its cocoon could be the source of one of the most beautiful textiles we know. Cultivated for thousands of years, silk continues to be the paragon of elegance and refinement. It is also amazingly versatile, taking many forms. Silk threads can be… Read More »

Owner Builder Financing Without A Contractor’s License

So you’ve done some research on owner builder financing… Maybe you’ve called you’re local bank and said, “I want to build my own home, I need owner builder financing.”, and they basically said, “Good luck finding that!” Well, loans for owner builders do still exist and you don’t need a background in home building to… Read More »

Ply Lining Your Commercial Van

Your van needs to be maintained to a good standard; which means that you will regularly need to carry out a check list of items to ensure it doesn’t end up needing unnecessary repairs due to premature wear and tear. One way that you can help towards this can be by fitting a ply lining… Read More »

Limitations of Financial Ratio Analysis

I am a big fan of ratio analysis for small business owners. I don’t have to inspire large company CFOs and Controllers to perform ratio analysis, because it is their daily bread, but I find that many small business owners have not yet gained an appreciation of what financial ratios can do for them. But… Read More »

I Have a Van – What Kind of Business Can I Start?

A few week ago, I was sitting on the outdoor patio in one of our shopping district having one of their signature sandwiches, and I brought my own frappachino from down the street. Since I was sitting at the end table I noticed a gentleman delivering magazines and newspapers to various businesses on the street.… Read More »

Law Book Review: Land Laws Under Single Shadow

Book’s Title: Lectures on Land Law Author: Dr. Mohammad Towhidul Islam Publisher: Northern University Bangladesh (NUB) First Published: June 2013 Price shown: 500 Taka Pages: 546 There exists a common perception in our country that laws relating to land are complex and it is expert job to understand and apply the law. Indeed, it is… Read More »

Effective Financial Goal: The Five Characteristics

In financial management studies, an effective financial goal should have 5 characteristics which could be easily remembered as SMART. The following paragraphs explain all the 5 characteristics: 1) Specific We might be thinking of being financially free but do you know what it takes? This goal is seems to be too general. Our goal needs… Read More »