15 Benefits Of Exercising Regularly

Regular exercise is fun and immensely beneficial to our health, studies have shown it and people talk about it.

You will be surprised how your overall well-being will improve through exercising. This has in part to do with the release of endorphins in the brain, which then make you liven up as if you have a new lease of life, acting like a natural antidepressant. Exercise and a good healthy diet go hand in hand to realise the full benefits.

We are taking a look at the benefits of exercising regularly. These are by no means the only benefits just some.

Benefits Of Exercising:

1.Acts as a protective measure against a number of cancers (breast and colon cancer) in particular.

2.Decreases total cholesterol and yet increases good cholesterol.

3.Reduces the likelihood of developing blood clots that can lead to heart attack or stroke.

4.Reduces the likelihood developing type 2(adult onset) diabetes.

5.Increased motion and flexibility, which is beneficial to everyone, now imagine what it can do for the elderly who spend most of their day seated in nursing homes.

6.Lowers blood pressure as the blood pumps a lot of blood through the veins.

7.Improved sleep pattern, in some cases curing insomnia. If you are active during the day through exercise by bedtime you have depleted the body’s energy resources making it ideal for you to quickly fall into a deep restful sleep.

8. Improves your posture together with the fact that it strengthens your muscles, and improves blood flow to tissues.

9.Prevents constipation, a major problem if one is not active among other reasons like diet and not drinking enough fluids. Exercise gets blood to the vital parts where it’s needed and keeping active gets the bowels moving.

10.Prevents swelling of hands and feet. Increased blood flow and movement keeps retention at bay.

11.Prevents fatigue because as the blood is rushed around the body it constantly supplies the body cells with much needed oxygen. Sitting around will just make you tired I’m sure you have wondered how is it that some people are on their feet, maybe at work, all day and yet have boundless energy to go to the gym or do other things in life.

12.Weight loss and control as a result of burning the fat as well as the fact that metabolism is increased which is very helpful since metabolism slows down, as we get older.

13.Toned and strong body, not only do you look great but also you are able to do chores without easily getting tired. You will surprise your children or grandchildren by how long you are able to play with them.

14.Can reduce anxiety levels and depression, your brain is stimulated and occupied, your mood is raised and so you don’t feel overwhelmed by everyday situations.

15.May reduce or limit the symptoms of menopause.

As you can very well see exercise benefits us human beings greatly, I’m sure there are people who can testify of other benefits they have derived from regular exercises.

Source by Tichakunda Msipa

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